Life for Good

Few days ago, one of my senior in junior highschool passed away after battling for cancer since probably last year (if I'm not mistaken). I wasn't really close to her, never even talk to her face to face, but I knew her condition, from her mother who is also my family doctor, when did she first figure out about it and how she managed to continue her life with treatments. Even it may looks a little inappropriate to retell her stories, her spirit and her passion really inspires me in facing any kinds of problem that could even take your life forever.
Moment of her death made me reflect about myself personally. As a Christian, I believe on the life after death which determined by your acts in life. Then, what goods I have done for 20 years living my life? Am I good enough to be the one placed in heaven? Am I ready to face the death? What will I do if such condition happens to me?
I salute her for being so brave and tranquility to face the death despite the fears she felt. I learn to respect my life more and do more good to people because we will never know when will we die. By doing so, I believe that on the day, I will die peacefully, as a blessing for other people, and become one of those beautiful flowers which picked first. 


  1. sekarang aku ngerti kenapa kita cocok. :D

    keep writing Thea, isi blognya menarik.


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