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I Love You

I love you Through the time that we spent together Through the sweet words you said to me Through the affection you showed Through the apologies for your mistakes Through the way you held my hand Through the way you looked into my eyes Through the choices then you chose me Through the beers we drank together Through the dance we had Through the moment we cherised I love it just like that No complicated reason. Just that. 

Thailand Trip

Been overseas again only with my friends is a pleasure. I was lucky that last month I was able to experience another trip overseas my fellow colleagues to Thailand for 6 days and 5 nights. This was my 4th experience to go overseas without my parents and it always been awesome! The trip was organized as a compulsory trip before we can do internship next year, regarding to our faculty wisdom, since I am an International Relations student. Since the country was new for me, I felt super excited for what was coming to me. I prepared everything and started the journey on May 7th, 2016 and returned home on May 13th, 2016. I went there with 72 other people in our group. Yeah, I know it was a huge group and to be honest I feel a little bit annoyed to some people that make our trip felt very slow related to the punctuality. Despite everything bad, I enjoyed every single thing stayed in Bangkok and Pattaya and personally want to go there one more time (or many more time). Overall, the trip was …