Tentang Subjektivitas dan Kebenaran yang Hakiki

Tidak ada kebenaran yang hakiki. Apa yang menurut saya benar, belum tentu menurut orang lain benar. Semua dinilai secara subjektif, berdasarkan seberapa luas pengetahuan seseorang akan sesuatu. Subjektivitas, sebuah pandangan yang tidak bisa dilepaskan dari seorang individu yang berpikir. Subjektivitas ada sebagai hasil dari kumpulan proses-proses berpikir dan kejadian-kejadian yang dialami oleh seseorang. Proses itu berbaur menjadi satu dan menjadi sebuah pola pikir dalam diri seorang individu. Bagaimana caranya memandang sesuatu, bagaimana caranya menerima sesuatu, semua tergantung pada pola pikir yang mereka gunakan sebagai kacamata mereka. Subjektivitas, pola pikir, atau apalah itu yang intinya adalah cara seseorang menilai sesuatu, memberi pengaruh besar bagaimana seseorang bertumbuh dan membangun relasi dengan orang lain dalam kehidupan ini. Secara normatif, individu harus mampu bertoleransi dengan individu-individu lain yang memiliki beragam latar belakang. Namun, perlu digari…

I Love You

I love you Through the time that we spent together Through the sweet words you said to me Through the affection you showed Through the apologies for your mistakes Through the way you held my hand Through the way you looked into my eyes Through the choices then you chose me Through the beers we drank together Through the dance we had Through the moment we cherised I love it just like that No complicated reason. Just that. 

Thailand Trip

Been overseas again only with my friends is a pleasure. I was lucky that last month I was able to experience another trip overseas my fellow colleagues to Thailand for 6 days and 5 nights. This was my 4th experience to go overseas without my parents and it always been awesome! The trip was organized as a compulsory trip before we can do internship next year, regarding to our faculty wisdom, since I am an International Relations student. Since the country was new for me, I felt super excited for what was coming to me. I prepared everything and started the journey on May 7th, 2016 and returned home on May 13th, 2016. I went there with 72 other people in our group. Yeah, I know it was a huge group and to be honest I feel a little bit annoyed to some people that make our trip felt very slow related to the punctuality. Despite everything bad, I enjoyed every single thing stayed in Bangkok and Pattaya and personally want to go there one more time (or many more time). Overall, the trip was …

Being Your True Self

Some people say that being honest to yourself is somehow harder than being honest to other people. I personally agree with that sentence, currently. I recently feel my whole life is just a lie, that made by myself. There was always a time when some bad things happened and I know that I supposed to make myself stop doing that, but I kept doing that, and that was the moment I was being dishonest to myself.
For me, being honest to yourself is not just about understanding what you want to do and do it to please yourself.  Being honest to yourself also means that you have to know and accept your weakness, while you try many things to fight with the weakness, not only let it befriended with you for your whole life. Those things are very hard to do, and I'm still struggling with that. But then, I know that those things are the key to be your true self, the genuine one, while being genuine is important for people to accept who you are.
There is an experience of me being tired of everybody…

That Christmas To Me

"Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hopes for." - Epicurus
Many unexpected things came to me when I think that this must be a worst ending for 2014, and even 2015, but it's not. I thought that I will be ungrateful for the rest of the year, but thank God it doesn't happen to me right now. Something big just hit me and make me blushing everytime I remember it. Recently, I become more grateful for what I have now, and I can even sleep tightly last night. God gives the perfect answer at the right time, I mean it. Been a whole three semester I kept worrying about my future because I thought that what I got is not what I really want before, and it means that I can't guarantee my bright future. I went through the whole semester heavy-hearted, with less expectation of the final result. How to leave, how to escape from those shitty things are the only thing exsist in my mind for a ha…

Road of Life

Life is like a road, the limit is your destination It sometimes wide, but sometimes narrow You have to choose to turn left or right or just keep walking You don't always have to be right, because sometimes it is better to go left It sometimes bumpy, or hollow It makes your vehicle degradating its function Traffic might happens, it makes your journey problematic You might be lost when your decision is not right It might make you take a very long time to find the right place Sometimes you can drag, but the other times you can't You might have to stop at the rest area for a while but then you have to continue your journey It might make you feel tired, fed up, and fooled around But remember that one thing that you have to do is track the road, find your final destination, and enjoy

A Spinning Wheel

It is somewhat hard to believe and hard to accept when you didn't get what you extremely want. I'm not sure whether I'm aiming to high or I'm trying not to hard (probably the second one.) so I couldn't make it to that dreamy university. So, after these past two months waiting and waiting for a new story of my life, I am finally here. I'm staying in my own bed, my own house, and my own hometown, here in Salatiga. I used to believe that my college life didn't belong to Salatiga. I used to dream that I will stay far away from my hometown and adapt with new people and new condition of life. But that's what life should be, not always as happy as we thought it would be. I learned a lot from what I've been through, and I believe God reinforce me with His awesome plans for my life. I'm trying my best to maximize what I've got by now and fully commited to myself to achieve the best because better is not enough. Being a mediocre is just gonna make me…