Brand New Sunshine

Is it the same or is there any other sun which will shine on the other day? As far as I know, there is only one sun exist in the solar system, but somehow it brings different colors and vibes everyday. It's been the 15th day of 2018 and my 5th month of living temporarily in Japan. A lot of life-changing experiences happened during these past few months which were exciting and draining at the same time. It feels like the hell of a ride, sometimes, but I do enjoy it eventually. Everything changes very quickly that I vaguely remember every single details of it, it just happened one day and a complete different thing happened on the other day.
In this stage of life, I started to reckon how many changes I made and how far do I grow to be a person, whether every decision I made for the past years has its significance towards my future goals. I do make plans in life, but I feel like 2017 was actually far beyond my planning, not even in my imagination, especially the living in Japan part…

101 How To Be An Adult

Cogito ergo sum. I think therefore I am. One of the thoughts of Descartes I had heard long before I went to college, and become more interesting when I learned more about his thinking. Although Descartes can not be specifically said to be an existentialist thinker, I think that his thoughts have influenced a person -especially me- of my being, of my presence in human form in this world. Is it true that human existence as a rational being in this world purely arises from the rationality of the individual itself? And will its existence stop at one point when individuals are tired of rationalizing its existence?
It's been 21 years, 2 months 8 days living in this world and I still have many questions and puzzles about life that I have not been able to solve until now. One of them is that, the objectivity of my existence on this mad world. When the age of 21 is considered a phase in which an individual has been able to be classified as an adult, I still barely feel the vibe of being e…

Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri: Hustle and Devotion

Matsuri (Japanese word for festival) is one best activity to enjoy Japan every time you have a chance to visit the country. Since I am pretty late for summer festival and not yet into winter festival, I feel glad that my dorm manager invited me to see a festival held in Kishiwada, Osaka. I found out that this festival is the biggest and the most famous Danjiri Matsuri among other similar festival which held all over Japan. Many people even from other prefecture come to Kishiwada to see the Danjiri from many groups of neighborhood area. Generally, this festival becomes a symbol of gratitude from the people towards the Shinto Gods as they get blessings through the harvesting season. Several groups of people will gather as one group representing their district and walk along the street while pulling the danjiri or shrine which has been build for several years ago with a really huge cost. Every houses in one district should at least dispatch one family member to contribute this event,  r…

Antara New York dan Jakarta

I'm still capturing the moment when I decided to upload this picture on my instagram feed. That was the day when I gave back all my trust to someone who lose it. Unfortunately, everything came to an end, as what I imagined from the very beginning.  This evening, I am distracted by all boundaries and walls that I built for the past few months. It turned into debris by only a single call, which actually means nothing. I am lost, I am insane, but I know that everything will never be the same as it used to be.  Even so, I hope that we can grow through what we gone through. Forget about those cheesy pinky promise 'cause it will when it meant to be.
Takarazuka, 01/10/2017.

Life for Good

Few days ago, one of my senior in junior highschool passed away after battling for cancer since probably last year (if I'm not mistaken). I wasn't really close to her, never even talk to her face to face, but I knew her condition, from her mother who is also my family doctor, when did she first figure out about it and how she managed to continue her life with treatments. Even it may looks a little inappropriate to retell her stories, her spirit and her passion really inspires me in facing any kinds of problem that could even take your life forever. Moment of her death made me reflect about myself personally. As a Christian, I believe on the life after death which determined by your acts in life. Then, what goods I have done for 20 years living my life? Am I good enough to be the one placed in heaven? Am I ready to face the death? What will I do if such condition happens to me? I salute her for being so brave and tranquility to face the death despite the fears she felt. I lear…

Dedication Post for Comel

Comels, Love is natural but friendship is beyond that 3 years, you've been my friend, lover, and family I wish it will be more than 3 years and we will keep going together towards our dream. I just want you to know that whenever or whatever we will be, I will always be there to love and support you. Let's hold each others' hand until the end You're my dearest friend and also my family Thank you to be born as my friend. -Shinry I think I shouldn't have to give further explanation about the picture and the letter, because it has been clear. The letter was written by one of our group member, to all of us, on our sleepover party last week. We all burst in tears when we read the letter together.  All of us met on our first year of college. Not yet complete as a group with ten members. Some people come and go before we finally find the best form with ten of us. Honestly, I've never feel this close heart-to-heart to them. We do hang out often, usually watch movies, have a cul…

My Own Definition of Sanity

Who doesn't want to fall in love especially being loved? I guess none. For me personally, love is my most favorite feeling among all. It combines all feelings a person can experience. You don't have to be sane, because most of time falling in love requires you to be insane and illogical. Insanity and illogicality will make you fearless, let all by gone and just deeply feel those excitement, grieve, sadness, gratefulness and many other thing. The idea of being in  love always make me feel that I belong to someone (might be something) who won't let me down, despite some cases they let me. However, there you know that you will always have a home to return to and you won't be lost. There's one time when I just want to be all alone and have a quality time with myself, thinking that I don't want to have any kinds of relationship with anyone. But at some point, I realized that love helps you to grow, in many aspects of growth so I let myself fall over and over again …