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A Spinning Wheel

It is somewhat hard to believe and hard to accept when you didn't get what you extremely want. I'm not sure whether I'm aiming to high or I'm trying not to hard (probably the second one.) so I couldn't make it to that dreamy university. So, after these past two months waiting and waiting for a new story of my life, I am finally here. I'm staying in my own bed, my own house, and my own hometown, here in Salatiga. I used to believe that my college life didn't belong to Salatiga. I used to dream that I will stay far away from my hometown and adapt with new people and new condition of life. But that's what life should be, not always as happy as we thought it would be. I learned a lot from what I've been through, and I believe God reinforce me with His awesome plans for my life. I'm trying my best to maximize what I've got by now and fully commited to myself to achieve the best because better is not enough. Being a mediocre is just gonna make me…