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Being Your True Self

Some people say that being honest to yourself is somehow harder than being honest to other people. I personally agree with that sentence, currently. I recently feel my whole life is just a lie, that made by myself. There was always a time when some bad things happened and I know that I supposed to make myself stop doing that, but I kept doing that, and that was the moment I was being dishonest to myself.
For me, being honest to yourself is not just about understanding what you want to do and do it to please yourself.  Being honest to yourself also means that you have to know and accept your weakness, while you try many things to fight with the weakness, not only let it befriended with you for your whole life. Those things are very hard to do, and I'm still struggling with that. But then, I know that those things are the key to be your true self, the genuine one, while being genuine is important for people to accept who you are.
There is an experience of me being tired of everybody…