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Hanging Out with the Small Part of X-FILIS

Spot: Beteng, Ambarawa

Table Manner

So, before I go to Cambodia, I stay for one night in Horison Hotel Semarang. I join table manner too. That was suck to know that 'kenapa makan aja ada aturannya?'. It's hard to understand ._. But in the other case, that give me many other advantages I think.. Even I know the advantages, I still don't want to do that thing as my daily activity ._. That's enough.

A Whole Hot Week in Cambodia

Went to Cambodia last week, stay over night at Phnom Penh and after that move to Siem Reap. That was a great trip because I never went overseas without my parents before. That's just only me, and some other 'stranger' hahaha :D But eventhough I go with 'old stranger', that's make me feel comfortable.. Having a quality time with them, laugh, and many other. They were my 'second parents' for me..
I also got a bunch experience there. The best is Cambodianesse's spirit. They have a big spirit to be better, even in the hardest situation. They influence me, they give me motivation and I need to change! I also met many new friends there, good friends of course. They were very kind and very excited when they knew that I came from Indonesia. And until know, I still keep in touch with them :)
I feel like I want to get back. Spend my night in the night market, chat with Jessie, Tengtong, Reaksmeyk, eat the Cambodia traditional food, talk with Sophal, drink co…