Thailand Trip

Been overseas again only with my friends is a pleasure. I was lucky that last month I was able to experience another trip overseas my fellow colleagues to Thailand for 6 days and 5 nights. This was my 4th experience to go overseas without my parents and it always been awesome! The trip was organized as a compulsory trip before we can do internship next year, regarding to our faculty wisdom, since I am an International Relations student.
Since the country was new for me, I felt super excited for what was coming to me. I prepared everything and started the journey on May 7th, 2016 and returned home on May 13th, 2016. I went there with 72 other people in our group. Yeah, I know it was a huge group and to be honest I feel a little bit annoyed to some people that make our trip felt very slow related to the punctuality. Despite everything bad, I enjoyed every single thing stayed in Bangkok and Pattaya and personally want to go there one more time (or many more time).
Overall, the trip was just like a common trip, plus some obligatory visit to Chulalongkorn University, Indonesian Embassy, and United Nation Development Programme. Those three places were the places we did some discussion and to add our knowledge about some issues related to Thailand itself. Our stay in Bangkok and Pattaya was also a knowledge too. I understood the culture of Thai people which gave their full respect to King Rama IX as their nation leader. It was shown all over the city with a huge picture of him sitting in his legacy. I also learn how Thai people respect Buddha, even they were not even a Buddhist. These situation, I guess, won't ever be happened in Indonesia as our culture and our believes is just for a private purpose, not even a national identity. But then, I'm questioning this situation as people's own willingness or just a form of suppression from the government? I don't know, please notice me if you know something. I also learn how the government settle the tourism sector perfectly so they can gain so much profit from it and make it as the number one income for the country. Indonesia government somehow should learn from them to make Indonesia, which have so much more beautiful tourism destination, can gain more profit from tourism sector. 
Having a trip to Thailand is one of a good idea, especially for Indonesian, since the food and the weather is similar to what we have back at home. The living cost in Thailand is also quite cheap. I don't experience much about the public transportation but I think those are quite helpful. I also don't know about the ticket price of the tourism places, but there are some places which is free but still good enough as your picture background. There are so many food stalls in the tourism spot. They usually sell pad thai, pork, desserts, and many other overrated Thai street foods. This is why Thailand is always full of tourist. 
I learn a lot, and I experience a lot. The day I spent with my colleagues made me understood each one of them closer and this thing is something I like about going overseas with friends. Now we've been bundled up with so many assignments to do that I always want to go back to Pattaya so bad to have some drink and dance at the Walking Street. All the boring routines always send me back to shop everything I like in Platinum Mall. And every boring people I met makes me want to go back to Grand Palace and take many more pictures. Sad to tell that those are just a dream. 
Thank you Thailand for giving me such a memorable stay. I would definitely love to come back!

So, here is some pictures I got during the trip over Bangkok and Pattaya. It wasn't much since I enjoy every moment I spent and forgot to take pictures of it.

Chatuchak Weekend Market
This is the biggest market in South East Asia (regarding to what my tour guide said) that sell various kinds of things such as Thai traditional souvenirs, pets, furniture, and many others. This market is available only during the weekend.

The overrated Mango Sticky Rice. Bought it at JJ Mall, Chatuchak for 80 Baht.

My never ending love goes to these two, Samurai Pork Burger and usual french fries which tastes unusual. Idk how Thai's McD tastes different from the one in Indonesia but I will definitely comeback just for these two babies. Bought it as a set for 150 Baht.

One of Bangkok's tourist attraction

The scenery of Chao Praya river along the Asiatique.

Got our money drained out of this mall. Platinum Mall, heaven of online shop things. They sell various types of wardrobes for women and men (mostly women, of course) and the price starts from 100 Baht and above.

Done a discussion with students from Faculty of Social and Political Science, Chulalongkorn University.

An obligatory group pic.

Bangkok's traffic. Looks familiar.

I'm going back home! With the Education Attache of Indonesia and the Principal of Sekolah Indonesia Bangkok in Indonesia Embassy office.

The crowd of Grand Palace. People amazingly come to this place even the sun bright so hard.


The Honorable King Rama IX

Wat Pho

Buddha Statue

The famous Reclining Buddha Statue

Another picture of Wat Pho

Renovated Wat Arun from across the Chao Praya river

The bhikkus

Bangkok even have a javanese mosque. This is located in Kampung Jawa, a neighbourhood that used to be the place for Surabayan people to live.

Another picture of this overrated dessert that I love. Got this one at MBK for 60 Baht.

Food stalls! Heaven!

Hmmm.. Thinking of working here later..

Pattaya Beach

My travel mate, room mate, seat mate, shopping mate, what else? Interesting that I found so many things in common about us

Tanned don't mind

Night life in Pattaya

Pattaya Walking Street. Only for 18+

We (I) had so much fun!

The beauty inside Nong Nooch Garden


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