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Dedication Post for Comel

Comels, Love is natural but friendship is beyond that 3 years, you've been my friend, lover, and family I wish it will be more than 3 years and we will keep going together towards our dream. I just want you to know that whenever or whatever we will be, I will always be there to love and support you. Let's hold each others' hand until the end You're my dearest friend and also my family Thank you to be born as my friend. -Shinry I think I shouldn't have to give further explanation about the picture and the letter, because it has been clear. The letter was written by one of our group member, to all of us, on our sleepover party last week. We all burst in tears when we read the letter together.  All of us met on our first year of college. Not yet complete as a group with ten members. Some people come and go before we finally find the best form with ten of us. Honestly, I've never feel this close heart-to-heart to them. We do hang out often, usually watch movies, have a cul…