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Here I am, Andiline Thea Pranasari, or simply be called as Thea. Currently registered as a student majoring International Relations at Satya Wacana Christian University, while at the same time moving a little further to Kwansei Gakuin University to spend a full year studying while collecting literatures in order to get her bachelor degree. An ambitious, stubborn, moody yet hardworker Leo who wants to travel the world to discover what is unknown. Adore Haruki Murakami so damn much, never really have a certain favorite music but mostly listening to LANY and Miguel, burst into tears while watching Kimi No Nawa and blushing right after watched HER.  Tremendously want to be S-sized but cannot ressist desserts and long to be rich but never able to manage her monthly allowance.

Please, enjoy!

Warm regards, 
A n d i l i n e T h e a

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